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New Wrestling company : Urban Wrestling Federation

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Wrestling Producer Launches "Urban Wrestling Federation"

by Slava Kuperstein

posted February 21, 2011 at 11:49PM EST

Wrestling Producer Launches

One of the original producers of the ECW is starting a Hip Hop-themed wrestling league.

The Urban Wrestling Federation (UWF) will be launching this spring, bringing the worlds of wrestling and Hip Hop together.

The UWF is being launched by Steve Karel, an original producer of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), which was established in 1989.

“We’ve essentially created a ‘double brand,'" said Karel to AllHipHop.com. "With the marriage of urban music and wrestling, we’ve expanded our audience reach, while spontaneously opening the door for higher attendance, product development and sponsorship. The crazy wrestling matches of the past will look like a game of cards compared to what is in store for the UWF.”

E1 Music has partnered with the UWF to provide talent and promotion for the events, which will be pay-per-view.

“We at Entertainment One Music are very excited to be participating in the initial event launch of the Urban Wrestling Federation," said Alan Grunblatt, E1's president. "We will be supplying some of our urban artists and their music to the first TV event, taping in the next few months. We will be assisting in the promotion of the first national pay per view broadcast including our artists.”

The first artist promoted through UWF will be Gorilla Zoe.



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    So Gorilla Zoe will be wrestling? pro wrestling version of Def Jam Vendetta?
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    No artist will be performing songs and be on the show to promote albums etc but the music will probrably be used as entrance songs for wrestlers and theme songs for PPV etc.
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    It'll probably be like the Wrestling Society X that MTV put out a few years ago.

    They'll allow dudes to execute devastating moves on the regular and there will be lots of blood.

    As for the character development and storylines, what are Steve Karel's accolades as a producer in the former ECW?

    from my understanding, it was all Heyman and the talent coming up with ideas for characters and stories. A producer simply put the show together and got it on film.

    I'll wait and see, if ever............same with that WrestleLicious (all female organization). Haven't seen that yet and it's been 2 plus years.
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    it'll last a season and than go under