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Whats a good studio quality mic?

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im looking for one under 800$

any help?


  • Mr. 66Hundred
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    its not just about your mic, you need a good preamplifier

    you can have a $10,000 mic but it won't make a difference if your preamp is 🤬

    so in my opinion you should spend part of that money on a good mic and the rest on a good preamp

    $400... Blue Baby Bottle- GREAT MIC

    your mic preamp shoud be $400 if you want a good one

    Some pros agree that alot of times your preamp is really more important than your mic if you're tryin to get pro quality vocals
  • Go figure...
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    well considering ur limit is $800 u have pretty good options.

    my limit was much lower but i got a rode nt1-a for $329....🤬 is dope.

    bought a yamaha audiogram6....which, might not be the best interface out there, but the quality comes out real nice. i think it was sumwhere between $120-150
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