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comical lyrics about makaveli

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I'm 2pac! I'm 2pac!,
everybody’s running around like : “yo 2 dudes got shot”,
I faked my death,
I was equipped with a bullet proof vest,
I was riding in that whip with Suge it was a benz black.and it was blessed,
I left the las vegas cops to clean up my mess,
las vegas is crooked as 🤬 on the take and 🤬 I just faked my death!,
how this all worked out? I never had a plan 🤬 .I just guessed,
I bought out all of the media outlets,
and gave them a story about my death,
see! there I just confessed!,
I got away with it too because I've got a whole bunch of dirt on the u.s. government
involving weed.🤬 .heroin.and 🤬 ,
I'm hiding out in brockton mass and aaron is my 🤬 alias,
this is as close to coming back as I can get I'm sorry
but anything more will have me under arrest,
as far as this conspiracy theory goes - what a 🤬 mess!,
" I packed a 9 last year in 99 I'm packing 2 now ",
I'm back I left a clue here and there but only a few were like :
“ew wow!'