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What's really good with this girl......

NoNameNeededNoNameNeeded Posts: 42
edited February 2011 in The Powder Room
About a week or two ago there was a thread on here asking the ladies is it ok if another woman cooked for their man/what was the consensus behind it.

So for the hell of it, I decided to ask mine what she thought about it.

Needless to say, she pretty much shared the same opinion of every god damn female in there (basically that "every woman knows it's disrespect and that another woman could be trying to steal your man").

Next thing you know she comes over the next day and while im in the bathroom she starts spraying mad of her cologne all over my bed.

I asked her about it and she gave me some silly response about "I want your bed to smell like me" but she's never done this shit before i asked her about that.

Now my bed smells like Victoria's Secret..............what the fuck is that for...... Thoughts? I've also noticed that she's been leaving some things here on some days.


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