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Wildest thing u have done in the heat of the moment .......

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when I was 16 a girl around the corner from me had a party .... there was a girl I knew from junior high at the party who always liked me .... we chopped it up at the party and chilled .... next thing u know while the party was still going on I was stroking her on the couch in the living room with my jeans halfway down and my boots still on ....

share some moments in here ....


  • BabyBugatti
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    smashed up my Tv remote.

    £20 remote :(
    Mama was mad.

    Oh so wild. I know.
  • Coo Coo Cal's Beanie
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    i dropped my pistol smh
  • Chef_Taylor
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    Punched my cousin in the face after the 03 texas/ou game...
  • im_lux
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    🤬 on the back of a 🤬 head.
  • motrilla
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    getting 🤬 /high and smashing raw.
    I know most of us have done it but damn what if a 🤬 would've got the herp,🤬 , or a seed out them situations SMH !!!!!!!!!!! at myself
  • ICame4Pussy
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    Taking a 🤬 in the living room
  • Maalik
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    Senior year....I Took my girl inside the girls lockerroom during Gym class & smutted it out....20 minutes later, all the girls from our class came flying into the Girls Lockerroom to get dressed to leave & I had to fly outside the backdoor with my draws/shorts down. I ran around the school to the front door & back into the gym like I been there all class hour. All my 🤬 gave me the stinkface :(
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