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Is it racist, when people make the assumption because i went to college....

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Then i must have went for sports?

I can't tell you how many 🤬 times i hear this 🤬 , like why would you make that assumption that i didn't go for academic reasons. I don't even know if it's even racist, when my own people do that 🤬 sometime.Where did this perception come from that all college is, is a gateway to the pro's or playing ball is the end all be all to 🤬 goals in life?

This isn't even about me specifically, but just black males in general. Especially ones at predominantly white schools!


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    Young-Ice wrote: »

    are u an athletic guy tho?

    I mean, if u look like ur in really good shape it would also be safe to make that assumption

    6'1'' 200 lbs, but there are alot of 6'1'' 200 lbs white boys and Hispanics running around campus too.
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    Yes, it is. I can see maybe if you're 6'8" or something, but not 6'1" 200lbs.
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    It's not racist....just a bad assumption.

    Ppl don't think that about a blacks who look/dress like this:


    Only built and/or tall ones.
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