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Tyler The Creator - Bastard (December 25th, 2009)

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Release Date: December 25th, 2009.

Track List:

1. Bastard
2. Seven
3. Odd Toddlers ft. Casey Veggies
4. French! ft. Hodgy Beats
5. Blow
6. Pigs Fly ft. Domo Genesis
7. Parade
8. Slow It Down ft. Hodgy Beats
9. AssMilk ft. Earl Sweatshirt
10. VCR
11. Session ft. Hodgy Beats & Mike G
12. Sarah
13. Jack And The Beanstalk
14. Tina ft. Jasper & Taco
15. Inglorious

Download: Tyler The Creator - Bastard
Blog Post: Tyler The Creator - Bastard

Tyler The Creator's and OFWGKTA's buzz has been rising at breakneck speed lately, so I thought I'd give you more of an insight on Tyler's history. Here's his previous project 'Bastard'. What do you think?