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The forefathers

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Sleeping awake…. Docile in my waking moments; I silently salute the ancestors. Right arm fully extended; raised to eye level; now straighten fearless soldier. HEIL? HEIL? HEIL THE FOREFATHERS.

No liquor will be poured out on blood stained concrete. Silence is the sound of guns sans serial numbers. Apathetic thoughts give way to feelings of pride at the thoughts of those who have shaped this proud nation.
HEIL CAROLYN BRYANT; ye entrepreneur of times past. Woman of valor and grace. Death served as a cold reminder to those LESSER men whose ignorance persuaded them otherwise.

I envision JEFFREY DAHMER a white knight mounted atop a crimson stallion; Angel of death so fair. Savagery was the misconception with which they greeted your artwork. Society’s possum. Your self sacrificial attempts to rectify the dark deeds of mankind were misinterpreted by men unfit to share your universe. Yellow and black were the paints of your preference. Your brush strokes exquisite. Your artwork’s impression lives on in minds of men who aspire imitate your genius; falling short in their every venture.

JARED LEE LOUGNER forgive us for us for having been oblivious to your other worldly intelligence. Nihilist we labeled you; so futile were our attempts to define the continuum from whence your wisdom emanates. Savage thoughts projected through mirrors of liquid plasma; directed at the mental state you defined as the “currency.” Live on in the hearts of those who dare to defy conventional systems of belonging.

Sculpted into the subconscious; dwelling in the thoughts of those who succeed your tragic plight: DYLAN BENNET KLEBOLD you survive as more than a memory. The relevancy of your intentions give way to the impact of your sacrificial decisions. Your fellow founding father’s significance is not lost on those who fail to comprehend the reality of this nation.

Collateral damage has always been the price we paid as we persist in our hegemonic adventures. Military fatigues disguise the true intent of the heart. Savagery in the guise of service. Yet TIMOTHY MCVEIGH you overcame the intentions of those who sought to indoctrinate your matter. Aware and able is what you became; on your pit stop to paradise you rejected the teachings of the fallen.

Restless moments fade into memories of an ideology forged in the blood of men too weak to share in history’s reward. They create for themselves a quasi existence filled with synthetic fallacies. A people listless in their pursuit of a sense of belonging. Unwilling to sacrifice save for the likes of JOHN ALLEN MUHAMMAD and his minion MALVO. Let history look upon them as what they became. For what they are ceases to be an indicator of the destiny of this nation.

HEIL! Nation founded on the sacrifice of superior men. HEIL! Nation proud and void of deeds designed to oppress.

HEIL Land of men both enslaved and silent. HEIL refuge of the weak and downtrodden. HEIL Tormenter of the proud. HEIL AMERICA…………………………………………