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Feast of kings

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Not overly concerned with the news

“Another 🤬 died today. A victim of senseless violence.”
“The Towel Heads continue to 🤬 each other.”
“Spics murdering each other in the Dominican.”

Same old…..Same old…………………………

Repetitive jargon gives way to the relatively fresh entertainment rhetoric as a well attired, fresh out of college, glaze in his eye newscaster reports on the ins and outs of HolyWierd. Excuse me; “Hollywood.”

Perturbed by the socio economic status of those who surround me I reluctantly disperse thoughts which insinuate that their reality is a reflection of my own plight.

Fighting just to keep fighting is our condition. Barely afloat yet rescuing those who have abandoned their respective life rafts.

Nightmares of a heritage stolen give way to the reality of an existence spent attempting to reclaim a lineage long ago bartered in exchange for gold ropes and fancy furs. The highest bidder was the promise of ascent of the ever elusive social ladder.

Bear witness to the anatomy of the demise of a proud people. Lost in the world is the analysis of my predicament.

Having finally found my way through the maze I gaze upon the residence of all encompassing hate.
Staring back at me; bidding that I draw hither. Unto her 🤬 like those who have gone before me. To a place never to return; the land of those exiled from the fringe of reality; where all that exists are reports of the unbelievable.

Sadly I step back to the place from whence I came. Where the noise box blares and the picture tube beckons.
Ignorance served on a platter. Desert; a concoction of art in the form of sweet nothings.

My appetite is appealed to.
Insatiable hunger awakens and dominates my subconscious, drowning out the warnings of those who have laid eyes on that residence. I EAT………………………………………………..