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Stop Wearing North Faces and Fitteds With Suits

Maximus Rex
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Being that it's nearing spring time, stores are clearing out their winter stock to make room for the spring. I implore you 🤬 to STOP WEARING PARKAS I.E. NORTHFACES, BUBBLE COATS ETC, with dress clothes. This 🤬 is like straight up sloppy and looks HELLA GHETTO. The thing is I've seen 🤬 wearing improper outwear on interviews.

You're in luck because because Macy's, Jos A. Banks, Penny's, Mens Wearhouse, Brooks Brothers, Bloomingdales, and stores like them are having sales on their outerwear. I strongly suggest instead of getting a pair of sneakers you invest in a raincoat, or a raincoat and overcoat, if you can afford it. If you can't get the raincoat, commonly known as a trench coat.


The following is the classic Burberry trenchcoat. You don't have to get something as expensive as a Burberry (a Burberry is $1500), but you want to get something made of khaki material that can repeal the rain. Trench coats are specifically designed to keep you dry. When you go purchase your outerwear, wear a blazer, so that coat will fit properly.

Below is typical single breasted men's overcoat.


Overcoats are generally wool or cashmere, and CANNOT BE WORN IN WET WEATHER! You would wear this on dry cold days. Also stop with the fitted with suits. This look was in during Shyne's trial and quickly faded about two months afterward.This look says you're ghetto and can't dress. If you want to wear a cap with a dress clothes, you have to get a something like this:


The above is the appropriate cap for a suits. Also, if you don't know how, learn to tie a tie.