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Shad Gaspard arrested...for JAYWALKING???

Mister B.
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🤬 is up with this 🤬 ??


  • dalyricalbandit
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    damn 🤬 called a whole precinct on dude
  • sobek
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    Damn. Made dude sit on the wet sidewalk too, LOL. It's the deavors curse. It's all down hill from here. Let's just hope dude doesn't end up dead in a hotel.

    That was some 🤬 though..
  • Mally_G
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    Witnesses say he wasn't doing anything but walking across the street like everyone else, but the Feds say he was obstructing traffic and wouldn't move fast enough when they told him to move. So they jumped on his big ass and trying to bring charges on him of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

    His wife said they singled him out because he was the only black dude in that setting and he stood out. One witness said they overheard the Feds say, "we got another one".

    So apparently the cops were out sweeping the streets for 🤬 so the white folk can walk the streets safely.
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