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Mere Mortal

aijalon Members Posts: 919
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Trapped somewhere inside me a celestial being yearns to be awakened from eternal slumber.
Ignorance mingles with the bit of knowledge I have acquired along the way.
Hands barely strong enough to grasp a hold of reality; how am I to survive my solemn situation?

Yearning to be the best man that I can be; an unattainable height made impossible by the images of pornographic actresses meddling in my mental.

Feeling more carnivorous daily while entertaining thoughts of a vegan lifestyle. Wanting to live free within the cage in which I reside.

Cursed to be born to live this way.
I flounder in a shallow stream infested with parasitic creatures. Beings seeking to make meals of my lucid memories.
Misgivings give way to the urgency of the situation. Scheming survival strategies whilst juggling the responsibilities of being young, black and intelligent.

The best father that I can be falls short of the standard established by those who preceded my failures.
I yearn for the feeling of smoke filled lungs.
They say I feel much and tell little. My response is a guarded silence.
Resisting the urge to resist the system; battle fatigues never much tickled my fancy.

Entrusted with the burden of my father’s unfulfilled ambitions; my waking moments are consumed with academic pursuits.
Free to be everything that disgusts me. Feigning optimism whilst plotting means to make martyrs of my enemies.
Somewhere beneath a 🤬 moon I envision a corpse amongst the reeds silently awaiting the arrival of a weary being, come to make residence of his decaying ambitions.

A crudely constructed belief system serves warning to those who would dare challenge my invincibility.
Cowardice is all too common; a best friend with whom I grudgingly reside.

Reaching out to a people who hardly identify with the plain of existence from which I roam; Identity crisis threatens to ruin an already sour relationship.

Like brother Hughes I Wander whilst I wonder about my true abilities in heartless society.
Wanting to serve The Lord and feel his presence all around me. Fate mocks my futility; An angel without wings is but a comedian.

Follow me as I chase after apparitions; mirages which manifest with no forewarning.