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To Eat or Not To Eat

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To eat or not to eat; that is the timeless question.

Mockeries made of men with no dietary discretion serve as a deterrent to those who would indulge.
Inhibitions inhibited by visions of savage remarks forces the most indiscreet to reconsider.

Moistened palettes; insatiable appetites. I oft wonder of the origin of one’s hunger.

Regions, Religion, Race are all determinants of the choice of one’s consumption.

Allow the admission which proceeds; I too at times struggle with the decision.
Memories of loaded insults hurled through hypocritical lips make even the most prepared anxious.

The choice of many a hotel resident honeymooning for the first time.
Some need no reason to pursue what has become a lifelong discipline.

The aroma entices the mind. Stimulating thoughts of encouraging remarks or the promise of a future filled with fulfillment.
Aesthetically pleasing with the appearance of desert served atop the finest china.

Maybe a simple gaze or a tender touch; whatever the reason some men a powerless at the suggestion.

Verbal contracts are signed and sealed; no word of this deed can be told.
Taboo to some; common to others………………………………………………

To eat or not to eat the 🤬 that is the question.