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Church Stories...



  • aijalon
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    Sneaking a peek down the top of a scantily dressed sister
    Thankful for being here. In my stubbornness could have missed her
    Prayed last night this is just what I wished for
    This slow music in my ears got me wanting to hug and kiss her

    🤬 . Almost forgot I was in the house of the Lord
    Forgive me Father. But take a look at this broad.
    She's the kind of Delilah Samson fell for. Written right there in your word.
    David would not have spared her spear nor sword

    I see the pastor looking. He's about to lay hands.
    Cunning 🤬 I sniff out his plans.
    I'll be damned if I lose one more piece of ass to this man.
    But the lustful look in her eyes tell me she's already a fan.

    Now he's circling his prey
    Getting ready to pray
    From what they say
    He used to be a 🤬 back in the day

    Bottom 🤬 looking on from the back
    Preacher's wife smiling. Playing her part
    Homicidal thoughts swim beneath the brim of her hat
    The light of the lord's been replaced by Beelzebub's comforting dark.
  • love yal
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    .Nearly I forgot, about going to church, but I made it with the family
    Trying consulorly some sinners, forgivenly there wild dreams, understand the gravity
    Coursely, 🤬 responsely gave them there anwserly back, to stay strongly, its like any other day
    I'm very surely, they would do fine, really reading the bible everyday, will make you fit positivity
    Good changes everyday daily is good way to cleansey the spirites spirituality.
    Isaiah all of you assemble and listen, who among you foretold these things
    Then began to readly the rest..The Lord's friend shall do his will against like
    Babylon and progeny of Chaldea, everything what's said is spokenly succeedly
    Grantly to give us good energy to become well positively human beining living heavenly..
  • love yal
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    Universal Corruption, days I thanks for lord
    For the blessing less of the stressing, a good book to afford
    Days or night, reading a bible after stormy storm, or cloudy church days
    Take a relax moment, read the Universal Corruption, understand the life Jerusalem
    Reading stories about lives daily, interesting after each page, 🤬 mind gets interesting.
  • love yal
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    Went to church
    Forgive my sins
    Picked up a bible remembered
    Few lines, began to prayed
    Wow...I had good day, I went a day, praying at church!
  • Tupacfan
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    aijalon, keep dropping gems..cause u be spitting some potent 🤬 ..
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    Cold chill from the bench that sit my grandma
    my future son baptism water becomes stale
    frail at the attempts of listening and distant
    from the thing that confide me
    and comfort me from evil
    sin is a cold blooded temptation
    eating the plate getting fat
    and relax with a side of 🤬 and gluttony
    hungry hunger echoes the starving
    darling this is my last slice baby keep the knife cutting
    nothing into something bluffing on the cross
    like Jesus died for nothing something's gotta give
    he lives and yet people die
    pastor crucify me the other day
    I resurrected with the flesh being my only enemy
    don't feel the people that claim Christianity
    for I am a human being looking for a common plea
    to open up doors to my life's empty vanity
    hand it to me for being bitter about the beginning
    the end is coming a old spirit keeps hindering
    leaning to the side of the window waiting for death's groping
    need a stroke and a toke of what he's smoking
    lotioning my palms wondering of something
    could be the end of days and the time is winding
    people are tripping and religion is in the uproar
    so many souls cast so much violence to shake a stick and laugh
    all for the love of him slowly turning away from him
    and them...i hate people and their hypocritical ways
    so I get on two knees...look at the book that used to bless me
    hands in the oil..hoping for spiritual cleansing
    look at the back of my lids
    speak of native tongue
    oh lord oh lord...its time we be one
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    Moody so sue me
    can't seem to grasp the gasp
    of me trying to remember lines
    so lady please pass my way
    don't even judge or point
    the finger is not even proceeding my life
    no I don't know the bible
    barely recite it but inspired and enlighten by it
    no lie this is something epic like playing online games
    getting whoopie at the same time
    excuse my harsh line or two no need to judge me
    as I just do my common man like ways
    like being different from the average follower of 🤬 that fails to behave
    you be amazed by my annonting
    I may not have quiet time but I know something
    not exploiting my gift but I know you wondering
    your future I see it a blind false tale
    lies and deception plus you pretty much know well...where you going
    if you don't change
    so much dirt and your life is at a strain
    take off the hat and the mask
    live life and behave
    so much saved but lack so little value
    hostile and sheltered
    missing out on life
    reaching out with my hand on you like trying to open doors to the light
    of the tunnel
    that 🤬 wants you to live
    so please forgive my fail of bible quotes
    for I live the book and know of rules and devotion
    sometimes you gotta seek 🤬 for yourself
    instead of getting lost in the religious propaganda
    hand it to me
    I can be the funniest common but my belief is too deep
    have fun everyday but no where my heart be
    laugh and cat call but lay next to wifey
    so please fail me with and exalt me
    for being human you lost frail stale used of a body
    I live life new testament
    you lost in the old life story
  • love yal
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    No stressing, but godblessing
    No actor, why don't those evil worship
    Make a movie, stories are holy for processing
    Never leaving the Lord, I read that bible like
    Every week or more like how I enjoy my church days
    Step in church, with family speak our prayers, sit down
    Listen to priest, spoken nothing but the truth
    A good way for cleansing our spirites, have a good head
    Good mind, and strenght in the body, become friends with
    Everybody, the lord is love, beautiful, and 🤬 explains it
    🤬 loves us all, so we stay focus, and gives thanks
    Wiping those tearing down faces, let the love lift
    Surprising faces, live through amazing graces, and speak
    To many church member and never be faceless
    Impressing or speak to anyone impressing
    Forget the depressing, the stressing, and lived by the lord and meet your blessing
    Like a day at church I left with heavenly blessing!
    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    Build me in your reflection
    don't forsake my direction
    the protection is so imminent
    your mercy is so heaven sent
    seeing me as an angel
    unlike my devilish flesh
    proceeding me to protect my inheritance
    fondling and groping my well protected spirit
    guarded by holy anointed gifts
    no wishes on a star as a prophet continues to give the word
    no profit all logic
    predicting the honest truth so oddly prescript-ed
    relive my thoughts and enter my echoes of pleads
    that the almighty heal me
    see my flaws don't tear me down
    open your heart and see me now
    for my own being and my own darkness
    light me up almighty and let the enemy be halted
    exalt me into your own abyss
    exile me into your own submission
    let me tap out and say uncle
    while the crowd screams loud for the rematch
    let you continue to be my first a dynamic duo
    dueling the drooping minstrel nuisance of society
    let my word be your wrath to the fellow Christian that lie and cheats
    yet judge and mislead
    all in the name of your holiness
    let the rain pour and the pores get drench in your manifestation
    as I continue to wait for your return
  • love yal
    love yal Members Posts: 1,327
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    Even if I didn't desrve it
    I went to church, lord saved
    Many family, enter with the
    Love of my family, prayed
    Welled dressed, to 🤬
    Looks us proudly, sitting
    That were sinner, great preach
    Turn us to winner, becamed
    More a bible reader, as the
    Conversation with the lord
    Became more interesting
    After reading many lord stories
    Made us powerful to charge
    More holy days, thanks 🤬
    For many 🤬 blessing, forgaved
    our sins, to tell another story
    There many ways to be saved
    We went to church, to give away a pray!