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What shoes for chinos??

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So I finally found some chino pants that fit me perfectly (J. Crew Urban Slim fit).. It's always hard for me to find some good fitting pants because my legs are scrawny as hell and I don't like wearing loose ass sloppy 🤬 or super tight 🤬 that shows my figure all well and 🤬 .. but anyway I found some nice comfortable joints that I'm probably gonna get in multiple colors.

Anyway... now that I got what I've been looking for I need to know what shoes to wear with them. This would be like for a regular clean lil outfit like with a button up or sweater.. just need to know the shoes.

I think the right type of suede loafers always go.. Boat shoes?? It's definitely a no for the Clark type suede boot joints (whatever those are called). Maybe, some chukka boots?? I really don't know.. yall gotta help me.