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100+ viewing

aijalon Members Posts: 919
edited March 2011 in Waiting To Exhale
I often wish that I had the mental capacity to comprehend the inner workings of the human mind.
The necessary tools to decipher the puzzle that is the Human kind.
Maybe then that knowledge would no longer be suspended in time.
And I’d rewrite and “ILL History” in an image that was all mine.

Till then I take cover from the debris which the storm winds just blew in.
Reminisce on a time before this place was in ruins.
Take a peek into the IC and see what the people are doing.
Waiting to exhale: ONE............. Ill Pix: 100+ VIEWING

I mean we’re more consumed with numbering Aquafina’s abortions.
Than engaging in intellectually and spiritually stimulating discussions.
Tupacfan regularly blesses us with heavenly creations.
Guess they just aren’t as appealing as material for 🤬 .

Shout out to Uptown ConneXXX. He’s the mod of the Illpics
Diligently supervising the 🤬 who spend hours jacking off their 🤬 .
Specializing in 🤬 🤬 , 🤬 🤬 and 🤬 flicks
I wonder if these 🤬 have lost interest in real 🤬 .

And Axel with his ridiculous Throwed Off Throw
He’s throwed off alright. So much so he even sleeps on the floor.
Keep your head up love yal. Continue posting some more.
Your poems elevate. “The Reason’s” a bore.

Debating whether Goobs is suffering from a midlife crisis.
Or whether he just figured out what the meaning of his life is.
Spending more time in the place where his wife is.
And staying away from the place where the strife is.

I must be crazy. Look what the 🤬 I’m doing.
This piece is bound to ensure that Waiting to exhale has more than 100+ Viewing.

Don’t even get me started on the sexy and grown.
Can’t remember the last time there was less than 100+ Viewing inside that room.
On a side note I hope that Kat returns real soon.
So many 🤬 in the G&S willing to be her groom.

Laugh out load what about the Donkey.
🤬 aint the same since we lost the Ducky.
He’ll be back they say. We just ain’t that lucky.
Best be quiet Aija. His Phishing just might 🤬 Me.

Man I must be crazy. Look at the craziness I’m spewing.
This is sure to have more than 100+ Viewing.

How could I forget the crowd in the Cheap Seats.
Won’t say much. At least they’re not the Ill Museum of Beat 🤬 Freaks.
Their Opinions are about as loud as Charlie Danger’s sweet lips.
They boast egos inflated as the above mentioned Sweet 🤬 .

Man this must be the most ignorant piece that you ever knew of
I should be writing something militant that H-Rap would approve of.
Maybe something seductive to the Blue virgo. That would make me the one that you love.
An introduction that’s more memorable than the simple “How do you do love?”

Let me quit whilst I’m ahead. I sense that storm that’s brewing.
I hope at my funeral. There’ll be more than 100+ Viewing..