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Do you let others drive your vehicle?

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I just finished looking at accident pictures on the roads where the driver happened to be borrowing a friends car or even a kid who took his parents car for a ride.... it's a shame

To be 100% i avoid it at all costs. I get uneasy when my own mechanic takes my car for a test-run. At least I know he can afford to buy me a new one or repair it. Family is a no-no unless it's my winter-beater (My Maxima). GF or chick i'm dating... same thing. Can you expect people to respect Your property? It all comes down to Trust.

How Cavalier Do You get with the keys to your Car(s)?


  • ya boi g
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    I use to let people drive my last car some. But that was just one or two of my homeboi's, and they usually never went far. Havent let anyone drive the car I have now.. It all depends though, cause I pretty much know who I can and cant trust to drive my 🤬 like they have some sense.
  • jberry630
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    never. too risky, with my luck the one time i let someone drive my car is the one time some idiot will be driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • _Menace_
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    hell no.
    i will never let anyone get behind the wheel of my ride.
  • Bussy_Getta
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  • northwest443
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    The driver seat is for me and me only!!... I don't even let ppl touch my keys.. My insurance is all ready "Sky High".. It's that serious!
  • Cutler 26 INT's LOL!
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    Only my fam...
  • Mr. Terrific
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    only when I can't drive i.e. being 🤬 . other than that nope.
  • About$
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    Only my fam...

    Shiiit... for me?.. Not even Then. My Family will absolutely drive my 🤬 like they stole it. I have friends that have lent me their car for over a week during finals when i had to commute to school back in the day. I'm talking their brand-new car at the time. My boy's family has money like that & they trusted me enough. I think with people that respect themselves and show consistent respect for their own property stand a better chance of getting the keys.

    I know some of yall would appreciate a lend-me-Car if you were stranded and needed to get to work/school/Dr. appointment. Not every place has public transportaion.
  • dnyce215
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    only fam and that is bad enough already!