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Wii 2 Unlikely to Feature 3D

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Fils-Aime down on the possibility of an all-3D future.

Nintendo's next generation of home hardware is unlikely to follow the 3D path that its recently released handheld is pursuing.

That's according to comments from Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Aime, who said that having explored 3D technology at length before it went with the solution put forward with the 3DS.

"Glasses-free is a big deal," Fils-Aime told CNN, "We've not said publicly what the next thing for us will be in the home console space, but based on what we've learned on 3-D, likely, that won't be it."

Nintendo's previously been coy in commenting on the Wii's successor, with Fils-Aime saying that the existing console would have to shift considerably more units before the company would consider announcing new hardware.

Details on the Wii 2 are rooted in speculation, much of which points to a reveal at either this year's E3 in June or the Tokyo Game Show later in the year.

The 3DS looks to have enjoyed a successful launch, and in a recent interview with IGN, Fils-Aime spoke about the new console's warm reception.
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