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Castlevania: LOS Reverie DLC delayed

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The Reverie downloadable add-on for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has been delayed.

Konami producer David 🤬 tweeted that a "last-minute issue" held back the Xbox 360 version of the DLC.

"Sadly it's delayed due to a last minute issue which we hope to have fixed shortly. Working with the Xbox team to resolve," 🤬 said.

There's no sign of Reverie on the European PlayStation Store update today, either.

When it does arrive, Reverie will cost £6.39 or 800 Microsoft Points, and expand upon Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with a "breathtaking" plot twist. Perhaps you find out that Dracula is a duck voiced by David Jason.

Reverie is one of two planned Castlevania: Lords of Shadow add-ons, the second being Resurrection, which serves as a kind of epilogue for Lords of Shadow.
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