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Is Rick Ross better than Busta Rhymes?

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You guys are confusing me. You always kept saying Rick Ross albums have classic and Busta don't... I mean...what the 🤬 ....something is not right.

Are you telling me that Rick Ross classic albums better than any Busta Rhymes albums?

Please, just look at this 🤬 for real.

Busta Rhymes:

The Coming

When Disaster Strikes

Extinction Level Event



It Ain't Safe No More...

The Big Bang

Rick Ross:

Port of Miami


Deeper Than Rap

Teflon Don

I don't know what classic Rick Ross have and are you telling me that his album better than any Busta Rhymes albums?...🤬 !

I do think the only reason you like Rick Ross because of you follow the trend. Rick Ross isn't that great rapper to me and his albums aren't that albums either too.