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LE Tournament #2 ROUND TWO - sniperk -VS- ItzGravitation



  • thedesolateone
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    This dude say he’s a sniper well then he should try again.
    My avi is a tiger but I’m kin to a leviathan- i like the methaphors of tiger then leviathan
    Like I said before, track four, I’m the fireman.- dont get what you mean by track 4 but i like the rhyme
    Call me Tony Stark, when I hit you with that ironman.-this is dope and creative plus nice rhyme and flow
    You say its no feeding so Its Bleach i'm Soul Reaping -i dont get it
    Better yet soul 🤬 leave your souls 🤬 gaping-funny :never thought of a soul havin a 🤬
    I’m flyer than and higher than a kite, get it right.-just wack and unoriginal
    Cant nobody pull my strings, cuz the bird is the word in flight. -wack
    Its me versus you at midnight I got a knife.-wack
    I’m so cold I just throw and it lands where you snipe.-nice punchline and visual
    That’s just a preemptive strike, nothing left to say right.-i like this line
    Except that I’m bad for your sight don’t aim at light.nice shadow-boxed reverse and visual
    I call you Sniper, why? Cuz you profile say so.-wack and obvious
    But you couldn’t snipe a soul if you where playing halo.-ok line
    Like call of duty got two uzis hit you with that two piece. -i like the multis and sounds cool
    How the 🤬 you get beet by a fruit you lil groupie
    -punchline doesnt work ;beet by a fruit?-lil groupie isnt a hard enough dis

    i give this verse a 5.5 my vote is for sniperk
  • C.Melendez
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    skipping this battle since my vote may looked on as bias
  • love yal
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    Sniperk vs. ItGravitation was a good battle also was a funny match!

    Favorite lines from Sniperk: That wheelchair flow couldn't even sell wolf tickets at Special Olympics/ tiger blood? Tigga what? This fake Charlie Sheen should have Dq'ed.

    Favorite lines from ItGravitation: I call you Sniper, why? Cuz your profile say so/ but couldn't snipe a soul if your playing Halo

    Punches: tie
    Creativity: Sniperk
    Flow: tie
    Metaphor: tie
    Structure : tie
    Multies : ItGravitation
    Personals: tie

    Both verses were very strong and joy to read....my vote: tie
  • Tupacfan
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    This was a good battle. Both battler's had some great lines, and I feel that Sniperk came with more punches than itgravitation.. Sniperk's verse had structure, creativity, punches, and the flow was easy to grasp.. Itgravitiation had those qualities too, but it lacked creativity because I felt his rebuttal was feeding..

    My vote: Sniperk for the reason's i had mentioned above.
  • raw-material_ahh
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    if dude broke a rule i wwant to redo my verse since i had to rush mine.
    Dont know what feeding is but i;m sure i didnt do it

    What rule did he break? To take criticism like a man? Lol. I put that in there so people don't clog up the battle threads with nonsense so when people try and vote, they don't have to shuffle through so many posts. In theory, battle threads are supposed to go like this. My post > two check ins > two verses > votes. But somewhere down the down, almost every battle, people catch feelings because EVERYONE thinks their verse is perfect. This battle is a good example. You can even check your last battle with C.Melendez. I tried to tell people if they have a problem with BS, take it to the 🤬 Talking Thread and when I come in here to vote or close things up, I read every post and decide how I should moderate things. Anyway, sniperk wins 3-1. 4-1 if you want to count tupacfan's late vote. Sucks that you had to edit your verse and rush it BC you were feeding but that's how it goes sometimes. Come back hard in the summer tournament.
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