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Happy Thoughts

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Consciously pondering happy thoughts in between bouts of depression and anger.
Self medicated beyond recognition a smile forms at the corners of my mouth.
What a wonderful world we live in. I am captivated by its splendor.
Hold on!!!!
Can I take a minute to mentally 🤬 the 🤬 of this lady who just walked by?
Focus!!! Focus!!!
I am brought to my knees by the sight of the trees swaying in the wind.
This place is but heaven realized.
Entranced by the lovely sounds of the progress of the day I…………………
One second!!!!
I can barely hear myself over the blaring of horns and screaming pedestrians.
Let’s try this again.
Happy thoughts embrace me; I feel its warm breath against the nape of my neck………
🤬 !!!!
It’s just a strange man standing behind me. I can damn near feel his breath.
Can a man just think happy thoughts anymore?
A beggar plies his trade interrupting my once serene pensiveness.
I give up!!!
What the 🤬 was I thinking anyway?
There's nothing to be happy about.
Is there?


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    Hahaha, this was felt, and I could definitely relate to this jawn...

    I appreciated this piece this morning.. Inspiring me to write something...