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Jahzeel - The New Born Legend Mixtape [2011]

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Jahzeel - The New Born Legend Mixtape

Track List

01. Intro
02. Day & Night
03. Can't Step To Me
04. Start From Statrch
05. Love Things (feat. Dj Kurioo)
06. Making Hitz (feat. Jah Murda)
07. I Want You (feat. Beezy)
08. On My Grind (feat. Bamm)
09. Right There
10. I'm Still Doin' Me (feat. Vic & Quest)
11. Hata Hata
12. Quit Like Me
13. Florida Groove
14. We Get It Krunk (feat. K-Otik)
15. I'm So Hood (feat. Whova)
16. They Don't Care
17. This Is Why I'm Not
18. Candi Bar Numix
19. 🤬 🤬
20. So Clean (feat. Money Take)
21. J's (feat. Young Krucial)
22. Real Regonize Real (feat. Big C Balla)
23. Man Of The Year (feat. The Realist)
24. My Swag (feat. Young Texas)
25. My Babi (feat. Shekelia)
26. Music (feat. Marvin Gaye)
27. Thug Music
28. I Get Money (feat. Jo Jo English)
29. I'm Fresh (By Beezy)
30. I Think They Hate Me
31. Drivin Me Krayzie
32. Gangsta Lean
33. Come Here Gurl (feat. Rico Swagg & Mack E11)
34. People Don't Keep It Real
35. 2 Krunk 4 Da Game (By Killa J)
36. Money On My Mind (feat. Rebelyous)
37. Rumors (feat. Vic)
38. Godvilla (feat. Rich Ross)
39. New Belief
40. Get A Life
41. Twisted
42. We Do This (feat. Vic)
43. Feelin My Style
44. Cool Summer Day

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