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School me on buying T's, Hats, Hoodies wholesale

jonlakadeadmic Members Posts: 4,735 ✭✭✭✭
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Somebody drop some knowledge for a brotha

Where can i get the best deals? Anybody got their own clothing line poppin?

I'm starting one up, however my only advantage is I have a lot of money..dont know much about the industry


  • DarkGable
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    I used to have a screenprinting business and would order t's online from wholesalers or look for "lots" on ebay. Google is your friend.
    CALVINCARTEL Members Posts: 30
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    We on the same grind my nig.. What type of tshirts you are looking for???
  • TimroD
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    yeaaaa it would be awesome-o to start a t-shirt line
    but first and most importantly id have to find really nice fitting t-shirts with e nice cut for a good price
    might have to go to china for that 🤬
  • soulfulcat
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    Yeah I wanna keep this thread going because, I don't wanna start my own clothing line, but I just wanna make some stuff for me for fun......So if I find anything I'll let you know..... I'm looking for some good quality stuff. My company I work with got some shirts made and they were american apparel, that was the best fitting t-shirt I ever put on. If I can get a lot of those from a wholesaler I would be good
  • BelovedAfeni
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    im just a consumer homie but fubu got a book out telling u the ins and outs plus essence or black enterprise magazines had a few articles on starting your own business with or without the china connect.