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Dear Real...*Inspired by Domo Genesis- Clear Eyes*

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Dear real how ya feeling
is the pressures of life still doing you in
are you willin to appeal and conceal the feeling
of being the only male alive to keep it real
without getting a bit of a co signature
the future is looking beautiful and lavishly
happily I'm down with the above present
and so is you
but you tend to backslide to the melody of life
trifling females steady not doing you right
you pay them back but enough of that hows the married life
still writing could haves and maybes
it could be that your whole heart is dwelling crazy
dazed and amazed of how grown you become
and your style is still bar none
you still love poetry even though you killed it
sniper bullet to the chest so they can feel it
deal with it and stop crying about how real it gets
life is a everlasting joke on the soul and yoke on the face
take it with stride and hide the emotions into bitter type writings
if there was such a word
you still down with the M.I.C or there's a rumor going on of secret distance
for instance where's you know who and yall collaboration
you the only dude I know that can turn a simple poem and alias
into something deeper
like WTE is an industry
remember the beefs between a certain bird that spews beautiful poetry
diss her and she came at your neck viciously
those were the days and its crazy how time progress
so many came and went to leaving with full regrets
so much talent nowadays but no spirit
no disses but it just seems like this poetry 🤬 is a joke
you writing that book I see
whats the name of it...The Beautiful Ugly
inspired by joe budden's phrase black cloud song
plus A Brilliant Catastrophe by B Slade
the truth shall set them free...behave
you got it made and the maker is destiny
keep writing and reciting plus don't forget to say
Thank 🤬 for the time we had and more
exploring the vocabulary while time was brutal on the both of us
trust that we thrust back and toss the key to the lock
open doors for the world to see
still underrated and no ones ever heard of we
they shall and you are still the epitome of realness
to the third degree
enough 🤬 riding and colliding with your ego
explode and reload to get your cheeks in motion
smiling at this letter silly because its just jokes and ramblings
checking in on some dear momma I'm doing fine style of poetry
tell Tupacfan and the rest of the elite 🤬 Bless
and don't let the laws of life cut the talent into two
keep repping WTE, stay true, and bring emotion
raw poetry for the chosen few that rather hold it in
instead of letting out the giving talent to enlighten society
awake the blind and 🤬 the devil
my motto your action
live prosperous and indulge in the satisfaction of success


Tom. B


  • Tupacfan
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    Great read right here!!

    This piece was definitely felt with open eyes.. I felt like every line you didn't held back and that's what I love about your pieces.. don't give a 🤬 what you think but i"m gonna write that type of poetry pieces you be dropping..

    keep dropping em' Real P..
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    Thanks for the props...times like this is where its important to never hold nothing back...to let out the feelings that you keep within you..also to express yourself regardless of how it sounds and how it will effect people...thanks again for checking this piece out