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Success of The Mind *Inspired by The Jet Age of Tomorrow-The finer Things*

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Finally away from the horror of school
cool living in the skies
high above the competitors that pressure me
into believing in failure
definition skips the thought of a young ambitious black male
with a story to tell
of dwelling in the hell of the city that have no pity for my kind
but I toast to it as I go on the escalator to the hills
heaven have no blessings and hell hath no fury on the life I'm living
giving me a headache so much lighting effects
eyes blinded and see a different vision
a mission where I like in the expedition
awaiting arrival onto the plane of destiny
miracles are ahead of me
and bad luck is the recipe of success
live some and learn more
now I'm living rich galore
kiss the hand of my lovely wife
blinded ring shiny with the Christ resemblance
hesitant to even sleep for this dream is all I have
the math of my funding become a instant broke man's laughter
a joke on them and a blessing to me
edge of my seat victory
house paid in full and a car that I strive for
job well paid and a business on top...more
book signing "The Lavish Life" vol 1 through 3...see
the eyes on the prize and the redemption for the art...tisk
at the hatred among my kin and my own kind
mankind sickens me drugs become the instant relief...why
do I suffer such terrible costs and have to endure such terrible lost
the cost to become this instant cup of coffee is fast
regret often is worded by my own intention
fishing for a new beginning...NEED TO RELEASE THIS THERAPY

awoke slumber dreams ponder
eyes saggy and tears of blunder
hunger pains and 🤬 belly testimony
this is the beginning of a whole other story


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    I love how it was structured..
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    i liked that..... its 1 of those things that u can see it happening in real life.... drive and success can be good but it can have its down falls too....