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If all this is true. Jersey Shore in Italy will be garbage.

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Grenade (and alcohol) free zone

By Amber Dowling


Italian mayor lays down the law for ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 4

Looks like it’s going to be a lot harder for the cast of Jersey Shore to fist pump their way through Italy than previously thought. Hot on the heels of TMZ leaking the news that Season 4 will be filmed in Florence, the mayor has released a statement of what the cast members can and cannot do while visiting his city.

The list was published in Italian paper Corriere della Sera, and basically contains rules against all of the things Jersey Shore has stood for over the past three seasons:

- The cast will not be filmed in bars and clubs that serve alcohol.
- The cast will not be filmed drinking in public.
- The show will not be filmed to promote Florence as a drinking town.
- The show should be filmed in a manner to promote Italy (not Americans visiting Italy), and feature its culture and good food.

I guess this will make it easier for Snooki to adhere to her “drink less” vow she made after getting arrested at the beach for being 🤬 in public in the middle of the day.

If anyone on the cast breaks these rules, they’ll be tossed from Florence.

Additionally, Mayor Matteo Renzi has banned the crew from filming in the city’s historic areas, but says his hands are tied when it comes to the show using Florence as a set.

All of the precautions are so that Florence will be seen in a positive light, although the no-drinking thing could really put a damper on the crew’s daily routine.

Last month, producer SallyAnn Salsano told Entertainment Weekly that she was optimistic about having Italy as the Season 4 backdrop to the show. “I think it’s going to be fun,” she said. “Communication will be funny. It’s a culture that they’re interested in, and I think it’s probably different than they think it is.”

Jersey Shore is set to begin filming shortly, with a tentative summer debut.

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