What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Yo LCA, Im writing another movie script called A Baby boy nh Friday In The Hood

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Im already shooting parts of this hood dvd redbox classic today on Good Friday, starring me, Debo, The Octomom & Gabourey Sidibe

I just finished shooting one scene of me laying on the couch watching NBA playoffs on TNT & my baby momma (The Octomom) comes in bugging me to walk to the store & get some milk for the kids. So after her keep nagging me about going to get milk & my mother (Florida Evans) commanding me to go. I walk outside & my brother along with his gang of hoodlums on the porch drinking 4 lokos, I approach my brother asking him "to take me to the store because I dont wanna miss the playoff games by walking". He declined & immediately we got in a wrestle fight & from the house, a woman shouted "Damn Damn Damn". my mother storm out & breaks up the fight, along with my friend. I walk away & she slaps my brother because he's a low life 4 loko drinking 🤬 bag & she favors me, because I have scholarship to go play basketball at Phoenix University.

second scene, So me & my home boy walks to the store & I seen Debo slap Precious (Gabourey Sidibe). I ran & push him & said "chill out Debo, thats a gorilla". So Debo pulls out a knife & I was said "the game on & aint trying to miss it, so I dont even wanna fight you Debo". So he said "I know you aint because you aint nothing but a lil I.T.Tech attending bish" & pushed me. So I pulled my tazer out & had it in his face like "I'll shock ya as like Rayden you oxygen tank headed bish". So my Uncle was saying "gimme the tazer nephew, gimme the tazer nephew". So I give my uncle the tazer & me & Debo start fighting, I tried to pick him up from his legs & slam him but he pick me up & choke me out on a car. My mother (Flordia Evans) was in the crowd like "Uh Uh, Uh Uh, JAMES!!! get JAMES down here, get JAMES down here". So she reached for the tazer & my uncle said "naw, let him be a man, since he didnt grow up with a father, you single mother". So I get wake up from off the car & grab me a hand full of gravel & threw it at Debo as he turns around.

After he wipe the gravel dust out his eyes, he started chasing me thru the projects & I hid for about 20 minutes until the heat die down. So I grab my juice & link back up with my home boy & start walking towards home, then all of a sudden my home boy stops & say "we are been plotting on, its a car thats trying to gun us down". So I spot the car & 🤬 4 deep with Debo looking 🤬 eyed in the back of a 1991 Honda Civic Wagon. So me & my home boy take off running & I suddenly lost them, So I started back walking again & then the 1991 Honda Civic Wagon peels the corner, I start running againn but Debo pulls out a bow arrow & strikes me in the leg. So my home boy ran over there & I told him to go thru my facebook & hit my brother up on the wall to tell him I need help, since he be on facebook all day internet banging.

So my brother & his hoodlums came & pick me up & threw me in the back of his 6'4 & carried me back to our mother's house. So my mother crying, Octomom crying because I got shot in the leg by a bow arror & I probably would get the chance to go the NBA after University of Phoenix to take care of her 8 children. So my brother walks out the house & tell his hoodlums we gotta get these 🤬 that shot my brother in the leg with a bow arrow like they're Nightwolf or somebody.

So my brother along with his hoodlums ride up on Debo & his posse at the park, as they covering today's topics about them having to shoot a 🤬 with a bow & arrow. So my brother's home boy walk over to where Debo & his posse at, acting like a homeless 🤬 , sniffing their liquor in shss & slowly he pulls out a gun. All of his posse stood still along with Debo, As my brother slowly walks up & say "which one of yall archery muthaf"ckas shot my lil brother". So my brother points the gun in Debo's face & said "you was that 🤬 huh, I ought to bust yo fat ass watermellon head for doing that shss". So Debo smirks & Then my brother home boy says "he got heart, let em go". so my brother says "naw he aint gon have no heart to breath with once I take this 🤬 life tonight". So he puts the gun back in Debo face & squeeze the trigger & a flag came out the chamber says "BANG!!". Once Debo realized he 🤬 'd on himself & it was all a sick joke, he turn furious& started chasing my brother & his hoodlums out the park.

So a week later I contacted Mayhem from MTV Bully Beatdown & told him about Debo & he must be stop in my hood before I go off to Phoenix University. So Debo came to the show & fought Glass Joe & Glass Joe made him pay. & Afterwards Debo apologize for everything & told me that the beef was finally squashed from 2 soldiers from the same struggle