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Friendship 101

marie addams
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a little PR positivity!

decided to make this thread since many believe that women are not capable of maintaining sincere friendships with other women. Yes there are some who cant get along with each other and are constantly involved in catty spats, but for the most part, women I know have been able to keep at least one or two constant friends around.
We always see (romantic) relationship advice threads around here but never threads about maintaining the relationships we have with our friends.

so....for you powder room ladies who have great relationships with your girls, what is your secret? What makes you all click so well?
(i guess guys can drop advice from their own experiences with friends if they want)

For me and my friends I think the most important thing is knowing when to give each other space. We all need breaks from each other, we all have our own lives and/or families to maintain and with my friends its gotten to the point where there isnt much explanation needed. When we start hangin again everything falls into place like we'd just seen each other the day before.

Another thing i'd add is knowing boundaries and what expectations you have of each other. rarely disappointed this way


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    Not much left for me to post after that OP.
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    I have a handful of best lady friends and I don't mix them because I know the personalities will clash.
    But, it's basically that I can be myself around them and vice versa. We listen to each other...don't judge...make sure we know to let each other know when we 🤬 up.
    I also get together with them at least once a month...just for some bonding--that's important too.
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    I have 2 best girlfriends whom I have great relationships with

    we're like sisters, we have our moments when we disagree, but we're always there for each other

    it's funny you made this thread, me and my girl were talking about all these reality shows with crazy ass women (basketball wives, mob wives) and how they make female friendships look so dysfunctional


    we try to get together at least 1 a month, but it's hard sometimes

    one of my chicas is pregnant so we have al been trying to check in more since she's home by herself more
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    Great thread Marie!!!

    I have quite a few close female friends. My bestie and I definitely have a great relationship. We live in diff states, so it's hard to actually 'hang out' most of the time but we call each other weekly, email/FB/etc whenever possible. Text all the time. Keep the lines of communication open. If something happens we are there to support each other to the fullest.

    We DON"T only talk about gossip and men. We talk about politics, world issues, tv, books, work, dreams, goals, etc. Anything and everything under the sun.

    And that goes for my other girls as well. I try to maintain contact at the very least we'll talk on FB all the time. But we definitely pick up the phone and make sure we haven't missed anything with each other. They'll come to bmore to visit me, i'll go wherever they are to visit them. Most of my friends are all over the place so it's hard once again - to get together often. But we make it work.
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    I only have 2 real friends and our secret is honesty. We don't lie or sugar coat anything when we talk to each other.

    Another thing that protects us from all the drama is that each of us genuinely love each other and support each other. I don't think I am better or less than either of them and I thank 🤬 for their blessings as if they were my own, and vise versa.