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No Strings Attached..not your avg Romantic Comedy

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🤬 was actually funny and it's worth watching...My friend told me about this movie..and I was like hell nah I'm not watching no Ashton Kutcher movie...but Natalie Portman is in it and she is just plain beautiful...

and it's actually a pretty funny movie...Ludacris is in it, and he's got some funny lines It's just an all around decent movie to watch w/ your girl or by yourself a lot of funny scenes.


  • rage
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    Its an A typical Romantic Comedy...it follows the usual formula to a T. It is quite funny in parts...but its still a RomCom.
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    i wouldn't say its a typical rom com,i can't remember seeing a film where its the female who has commitment issues to this extent,but thats also where they messed up because they concentrate on Kutcher's characters life rather than portman's.If they flipped it,it would have worked better but aside from that yeah it's always obvious what's going to happen in these kind of movies.

    Kutcher was decent in this,i don't get the hate for the guy at times,Portman runs away with the film and yeah its funny in places lol @ his dad od'ing on 'drank'