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When getting to know a guy....

Ace Boon
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Ladies, do you like it when a man is totally honest and upfront about what he wants out of the relationship? Or would you rather him have a more subtle approach? Honest answers only.


  • muffdizzle
    muffdizzle Members Posts: 253
    edited February 2010
    Total upfront 🤬 it in your face honesty is the best policy.

    If all you wanna do is 🤬 , don't try to lie to me and 🤬 , talkin' about relationships and makin babies and all that bs. That's saying you think I'm just some dumb girl. That is a major turn off. That will get you nowhere. (Do girls really fall for this?) Like, I seriously hate that 🤬 . Or not even to that extreme... Even just a slight beating around the bush. Hate it. Don't do it.

    Tell it like it is. Straight up and down.
    DEE-LICIOUS Members Posts: 6,088 ✭✭✭
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    I like honesty because at least I know where we stand from day 1. But females never believe that honesty anyway, so it's a catch 22. If u say u dont want a relationship, we still think in our mind we can get u to change your damn mind about it. lol

    of course thats not "every" female <<<disclaimer smh lmao
  • haute
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    because if you lie we will never forget it, like ever
  • Iheart~Cali
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    Subtle. Keep me guessing. Don't be too predictable.
  • prttybrowneyez
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    I want a guy to be completely honest with me. I would rather find things out as were going into know each other. Anything that comes out as time goes on that he wasn't open about could be a deal breaker and a possible end to something good.Depending on what the information was some things can be forgiven and I may be willing to work past it as long as he is honest from that point on.
  • teethehardway
    teethehardway Members Posts: 3
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    keep it all the way real with me. if you aint tryin to be in a relationship then say that...i'm too old to be wastin my time with somebody who aint on the same page as me...i'd rather keep it pushin and find somebody that's on what I'm on...theres plenty of broads that will let you lay up at they house, not contribute, 🤬 and suck you all day for nothin...and you don't have to commit to them...i aint one of them tho....
  • RudeDeLaTrill
    RudeDeLaTrill Members Posts: 259
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    honest. don't hold back because you think you're going to hurt my feelings. i mean, you may very well do so by telling the truth but 🤬 if you lie, that's just gon 🤬 me off more.
    and that goes for anybody; guys, friends, family, anybody.