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Not sure how many of the NYC folks visit stuff like this (Adidas Sneaker Con, Sneaker Pimps, etc.) but there'll be one happening at Hiro Ballroom this weekend, 5 - 10pm. If you got dunks/jays/etc you want to get rid of, good chance someone might buy it. OR you might find something you've been looking for all this time.


I'll def be there :tu It'll also be the first time I have my own booth at an event. (Incase you didn't know, I design tees...topic stickied at the top lol.) Since Pusha will be there I figured the best tee would be the douchbag tee inspired by the track he did w/ ye'. I'll also be giving a bunch of free shit away. ( http://www.toysldrs.com/Blog/?p=2175 for info on that. ) Anyways, just thought I'd share for those in the city who may not have known and would be interested in showing up. :cool:


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