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We are going out of Afganistan! (dutch cabinet falls over afganistan dispute

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The Dutch coalation government just fell because of Afganistan, one party wanted to stay and the other(and basically most of the important other parties) want to leave. With other words: We(the dutch) are slowly pulling out Afganistan, we will have new elections soon(about 3 months) and will be the first nation to step out of this war which will probably cause a domino effect. I know it's all politics but this was inevitable, they just pointed a finger to the nato and co(they thought the dutch already agreed to stay)

I know you fellas overseas don't care about foreign politics or us foreign policies, but this is/could be a historical move in international politics because chances are a great US allie and EU member is leaving Afganistan, the others also wil because nobody except for the military industry/certain political parties want to stay. The war in Afganistan is extremely unpopulair here in Europe. If the Dutch govenment(of all lol) actually says 🤬 it, we getting out, best believe our southern and eastern neighbors are going as well(they are starting to considerate once again).

For those interested in Dutch politics(you probably know already wassup right now) the right wing party of Geert Wilders is on the rise, as well as the centre/left party of Alexander Pechtold, 3 months before elections, several parties are on the rise others are falling, this will be interesting times for Dutch politics.



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    Good for them. I think we are still there because of Obama's need to not look weak. He'd rather just look stupid. There is no good reason for us to be there except for special forces and drones to 🤬 operatives on their side. But a mass troop movement and all that 🤬 ? FOR WHAT?