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Smoked a zoot, convinced myself i cud write, wrote this 🤬 .

Woke up to the world
it just weren't the same
thought life was a journey
but its just a game

and its rigged to the core
no chance of winnin
fight off ur instincts
cos the only joy's sinnin

and you hit different keys
but the song is the same
before life sends you promise
it'll send you insane

say this is the way to be
what sanity's called
say if you need to know
brother get yourself schooled

cos theres black and theres white
and theres bad and the good
but theres never the freedom
to do what we could

we got laws and steel bars
to block out mistakes
but there just ain't no cage
for word twistin snakes

think the poison truth
is that the cell is the mind
and the key to your freedoms
old wounds left behind

but my pasts like a fire
it burns and it blinds
im desperate to 🤬 it
but its too deep in my mind

so I burn blind in silence
with this world not to know
my faith trapped in flames
with nowhere to go

🤬 please forgive me
but I can't see no way
and it seems when I ask
you got nothin to say

salvation please, I'm not the last sheep
who was feelin' to stray