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The People vs Primo Cla$$ic

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The charge is for being a 🤬 ass 🤬 🤬 ..prosecutor defend your case

Primo you charged with constantly dropping not only your 🤬 dumb pics of you in a 1992 JCPenney Prom Suit

but dropping some unknown white man's pictures that you either googled or requested from some other forum where you probably pretended to be a female and you ....even dropped the dude's name David was it.

Your also being charged for having the mentality of a little fat 🤬 with glasses cause even though you dropped the weight and probably got contacts ..mentally you'll always be a fat little 🤬

Even your hairline dont like you...and is slowly trying to get the 🤬 away from you

Lame jokes, lame clothes, lame life, lame hairline, lame janitor closet apartment with one dim ass florescent light basically you just a lame 🤬 dude

Jury how do you see fit to judge this 🤬