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Starlito - At War With Myself

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Release Date: May 7th, 2011

Download: Starlito - At War With Myself

As the title implies, I (Starlito) am at war with myself. I decided to channel my frustrations and use my energy creatively. I’m torn, both personally and professionally. One of my best friends, and fellow group members (Trash Bag Gang) Red Dot was recently incarcerated and sentenced to 25 years. Even at the 30% minimum, 7 and a half years is a long time. None of us are promised any of our time here, I pray I see age 34 and the release of my friends. Speaking of release, THIS IS MY RELEASE…music. This mixtape, “@ WAR w/ myself” is the follow-up to “Free @ Last”. I released that mixtape under the impression that I was no longer contractually obligated to any person/company/entity. I was FREE-spirited, and decided to release (FREE of charge) the music that I enjoyed, in spite of my Album “Starlito’s Way 3” dropping a week later. I’m drifting…Long story short, This “@ WAR w/ myself” is another snapshot, or time-capsule even. Circumstances are differen’t. There is no greater pressure than the pressure from within one’s self. I’ve reached that point before where your actions preceed thought…Anyway, I don’t owe anybody any recordings, seeking management & perhaps distribution if I even want to do this anymore. This is for those of you that most enjoy it, and maybe even for those of you that hate it/me the most. My homie Red Dot inspired me alot over the last few years, so I’m hoping this project in turn can help him through the next few. I allow you to name your price for this, as all the proceeds will be put on his books, family, or however he wishes.

I’m just a young black man trying to defy the odds/statistics. I don’t really care to bother anyone. Nothing to do with this mixtape, but if you got a problem with me, maybe it’s something wrong with you. The real problem is I don’t alway no how to avoid it.

I’M @ WAR w/ myself