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Skin Care & Make up techniques

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Ok Ladies, so working in Iraq causes acne in most Women, particularly Black Women, because of the 140 degree heat, dust storms and 🤬 water. I've gotten a few tips from some of the other ladies but I want to make a thread where skin care is the main factor, and people can come in and drop tips and advice of what works for them. I also want to get some tips from the ladies about what makeup they like, and how you do your brows. Here in Iraq they do the threading technique, and it's very painful and makes your brows really thin. So right now I'm attempting to grow mine out, but I also want to keep them shaped up.....any advice?? Ladies let me know what type of lip gloss you like, eye liner etc....etc. I'll post up a pic or two that shows the acne scarring that I'm having and maybe get some tips on using concealer or tips that help with scars!! Also, let me know what brands of 🤬 products you enjoy like wash, astringent....etc!! ;)