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So Orlando Jordan is having an openly 🤬 storyline on TNA

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Okay so apparently on last week's Impact tapings Orlando Jordan was escorted to the ring by a male and female. During his entrance he kissed the female first and then he kissed the male.
TNA newcomer Orlando Jordan kissed a man prior to his match with Samoa Joe at last night's iMPACT! taping in Orlando. The former WWE United States Champion was escorted to the ring by a man and a woman. He had his arms around both of them and kissed each prior to his match.

This reportedly didn't go over well with everyone backstage in TNA as some felt the company "crossed the line" as it were. One TNA performer offered the opinion that the angle will turn off viewers from Spike considering it's specifically geared towards men.

It's worth noting that before Jordan's release from World Wrestling Entertainment in May 2006, there were creative plans for him to be repackaged with a bisexual gimmick in a storyline involving former TNA performer Stephanie Finochio (a/k/a Trinity) and a friend of his with no prior background in the wrestling industry. While bisexuality is considered taboo in some wrestling circles, it was passed for Jordan since it's his lifestyle in the real world. It should be noted that the storyline was Jordan's idea because creative had no plans for him at the time.

So my question is, why is TNA doing this? Even though the 🤬 gimmick isn't a new one to wrestling it's never gone this far...and people, fans, Spike, ect already aren't takign it well. Especially the older audience that TNA is targeting. What gives?