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Cheers To You

TheFemaleGotti Members Posts: 13
edited May 2011 in Waiting To Exhale
My glass is tainted with poison that I call YOU
You taste bitter sweet
And you are always served cold
Because that's the only way You know how to be
I don't know if I should call this suicide or homicide because you are killing me....but I'm letting you
You have let others drink from my glass....you're killing them too
You feed my thirst
I'm so full off your lies and despair
You are the most painful drug I have ever felt
But now I can't feel anything
After all, the pain does go away right before you die
And right when I start to rethink the murder you into my brain
So I decide to do the only thing I can do....
Raise my glass and toast to you....cheers

not much i know just something that was on my mind