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im really am a white dude from australia

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dunno why my thread got locked but i feel its important that you understand why i lied for sevral years about who i was.

see ive always embodied rap my first album was cypress hills temples of boom, i brought it back in 1994?? i think it was when i was in year 7 @ young technology high school in central western New south wales in australia

then i became embroiled in the tupac phase of rap, i loved this dude and i embodied his whole atitude and from that day i think mentally i became a black man in a white persons body

i discovere this site in 2006 and under the name "chucky" i began my time as pretending to be a black man from baltimore calling other people 🤬 on here and so on, then i became another user "borat" who was a black man from san diego and this time i embrcaed the blackness more and at some point bcame delusional as i was posting on other forums as if they were AHH.com

then i became a mexican with lets_get_it_homie, a mma fighter who became racists against the culture i pretended to be for the past 5 years, but then i realised i couldnt keep it up, my trolling threads were becomeing redundant and i couldnt think of anything else i had to end my run, i thought adapting a mexican persona on here would breath more life into me but it did the opposite it killed me.

im a 28 year old white dude from orange new south wales australia, im married and have 2 kids, i need to cleanse my conscience as i feel i have betrayed my inner black man for adapting a racist mexican persona. i need to get back to my roots a find the passion that wanted me to be a black man in the first place. thankyou for your time


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