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The REAL Most Powerful Posters List (By Seeds and Adorable)

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Brought to you be Adorable Thughighness & Myself.

Adorable said it best. Popular does not = Powerful. Many people are unaware of the people who really pull the strings behind the IC, sometimes without even posting. Now THAT is what I call "Powerful". A platinum popularity thread should not be considered powerful, it should be considered pitiful. That being said. here is the list:

1) Gambino- How could Gam not be number one on the list, when he created "Powerful Posting"?. Also the creator of the IC's most powerful quote "The Internet Is Not Real".

2) Choice/Johnny Green- This is very obvious and one of the few on Sion's list that I agree with. Undoubtedly the IC's greatest exposer of all time. He mastered the art of ruining someones IC career in a way that was both devastating and hilarious.

3) OffTheTop- When you think of OTT, one phrase comes to mind: "No Mercy". If you got on his bad side, you were in trouble. Some of the ways that OTT 🤬 with the IC are still unknown to many posters. In fact, at one point, he was known as "He who shall not be named".

4) KillaCham- One of the founders of the Donkey's most powerful groups "The Lufa Kang Kongs". He was a major part of the Donkeys golden age and his posting style still reflects that today.

5) Derek Phisher- This poster came to life right before the IC shut down for "Thanksgiving". He consistently found a way to get posters passwords even while the whole IC knew what he was up to. He had the IC very scared about clicking any links, yet he still was able to get it done.

6) Earth2Superman- One of the funniest posters in IC history. Look at his destruction of 🤬 and Deezy and you will see how powerful his ethredding is.

7)Augie/My_NameAintEarl- Another poster who people don't realize controlled a lot of 🤬 behind the scenes.He was alos a co-founder of the LKKs. At one point, Augie had the password of over 200 IC member. He is a self proclaimed IC legend, and I among others tend to agree with that.

8) YayAreaPlaya/CjYay- The greatest fight klub participant of all time. His slang has been copied by many members of the IC without them even realizing it. A true trendsetter and one of the Kings of dishing out ether.

9) Shootem- Lets be real... Shootem stays winnin. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Powerful 🤬 . He is also the fight Klub commissioner, which hosted the most epic IC battles.

10) Sunflowa Seeds- I was refraining from putting myself on this list, but I was told that I should. All I have to say for myself is Poor Parallel and sorry Charlie Danger... No Im not sorry. Oh and I'm not done with the exposures... Beware of the Seedman.


There are not that many POWERFUL posters on the IC. It all falls back to the simple fact that popular does not = powerful. People may discount this list and say that its biased towards Donkey posters. However, people dont realize that Donkey posters control a lot of the 🤬 that gets posted on the IC and nobody realizes it.