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HBK leaving was the worst thing for the WWE.

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You can see them trying to fill this big void in their program.


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    wait till taker bounce
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    The Rock and Stone Cold was missed more...

    600th post FTW
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    The Rock and Stone Cold was missed more...

    600th post FTW

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    i honestly did not watch when hbk and brett hart were the top 2. i didnt watch again until the rock and stone cold had it. i stopped watching again when i went to a raw back in 03, march, and seen everybody. i missed when cena and batista AND RANDY had it.

    now its the mizz. and take your pick. the mizz is all the best rolled up in one, and he is acting. i know mike. he from the real world. he from here. and if i were ever a wrestler, i would do the same thing. but i dont think so because he is doing whats been done already. now thats a good move, because you have to keep the ball rolling and keep the essence, but he corney with it.

    its gonna come around again. it always does.

    they just gotta stop going so hard. if you do it the right way, u can go into your 50's, 60's even lol

    really though.
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    hbk didn't leave no noticeable void or void with that much impact.
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    HBK aint walking through that door, Stone Cold ain't walking through that door, The Rock aint walking through that door (well minus a few appearances between now and WM 28), pretty soon it will be Jericho, Big Show, Undertaker & HHH also.. there's a reason why WWE is pushing younger talent. Deal with it or stop watching altogether.
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    Too bad it ain't gonna be HBK vs The Rock @ WM 28