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Jonathon Coachman

some_dudesome_dude Members Posts: 180
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When did he start doing ESPN News?


  • KillaChamKillaCham M0D SQUAD™ Members, Moderators Posts: 11,415 Regulator
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    On and off since like 2008 I think. I remember seeing him on there one time like hmm this dude looks familiar...is that...that's not...COACH!??
  • some_dudesome_dude Members Posts: 180
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    Yeah kinda threw me last night. I was like aint that the coach from wwe? LOL why is he do comments on the cavs. So does he still do WWE stuff or no?
  • Mdizzle9000Mdizzle9000 Members, Writer Posts: 8,319 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    i seen him on MSG(ny local 🤬 ) and i was like lol. then i seen him on ESPN and was like wtf?????
  • Banks325Banks325 Members Posts: 14
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    Yea that 🤬 was funny when the rock came to sportscenter and killied coach like its was back n the day
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