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Who's ever been falsely arrested? I.e. A case of mistaken identity.........

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🤬 happened to me about 5 or 6 years ago, at church of all places.
I've never really been into church like that but one sat. Moms is like "hey their having a clean-up at the church", so i go
spend about a few hours cleaning up and 🤬 . Towards the end of my time there i'm outside raking, when all of a sudden i see about 10 officers running up to me (guns drawn) yelling "get on the 🤬 ground now". So the cuff me and say i fit the description of a suspect that just burglarized a home around the corner. Anyway im on the ground for about 10 min when i hear the call over the walkie talkie saying " suspect was last seen wearing a white tee shirt and blue shorts". I have on a white tank top and red shorts on. So a little while later they finally deciede to take off the cuffs, then gon have the nerve to try and shake my hand while saying sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm like gtfoh witht that.... I can't stand them mudda 🤬

who's else been falsely arrested?


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