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Reflect Self

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Whats good peoples It's Mook! If you remember from earlier before this site was renewed I went by da name Supa N.E.S. Still glad to see alot of da mainstays stuck around here keepin this thing breathin... Well here it is, short but sweet. Might add on to it later tho.

New Years came & went ya boy still standin
Sorry to all da doubters of da world ya can't win
It's crazy, in 2000 I was sweatin da 6th grade
Now these kids got me in sweats to close da decade
If u said I'd be a dad by 20 I'd tell ya bounce
Thought I'd still be rockin dudes in Madden on mommas couch
But things change, people get lost some get found
Others wonder how they still got 2 feet on da ground
I know I do, to all da people I hurt
Da wife I can't do without I made bizzerk
Da fact I'm even writin this a testament to y'all
I cherish all dat make me rise or make me fall
Cuz lookin back I could of been one of the plenty
Could of sold u dat dime then to jail they send me
Make my moms cry, obituary in da paper
Write dis rhyme off if u want, to me dis 🤬 major


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    This was nice yo!

    I enjoyed reading your piece. It would be great if you add a few more stanzas LOL.

    And keep droppin here, don't sleep on WTE!

    Time flies, before you know it, its another year gon by..
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    Thanks for the reply homie. And yea I remember comin up in here around '05 when 🤬 was really poppin...