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TNA Bringing Back The Six-Sided Ring, Wolfe Comments On Internet Rumors

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-- The promotional poster for TNA's upcoming Destination X pay-per-view event has been released and it features an image of the six-sided ring with the tagline "Forward To The Past."


The event takes place Sunday, July 10, 2011 at the Impact! Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida.

-- Kent News in Great Britain features an article on Desmond Wolfe noting that during his absence from the squared ring, he's kept himself busy developing a television sitcom.

He said, "The sitcom was based on an idea a friend had. It's about a kid from Brixton in south London who gets forced to take a job doing meals on wheels in Brixham, Devon. I'm ready to pitch it if there's any interest. I'm also acting in a community theatre play called Everybody Loves Opal, which was first performed on Broadway in the 1960s."

Regarding his health and as it relates to his status with TNA, he said fans shouldn't believe everything they read online.

"I can't get into the details of my absence here and now, but there have been a few different plans to bring me back in the last few months, none of which materialized. I'm hoping for something soon though," Wolfe said.