What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

"StreetSkool - A Series of Street Culture" an initiative to showcase Hip Hop in India

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For the Country-wide Community -
MCs, Dj's, Bboys, Graffiti artists, BeatBoxerz, Street entrepreneurs, Street Fashionistas - Indians and NRIs - Everybody can air their Works & Art with a licence to Create & express unlimited!! - Have U ever felt dejected that u might never get noticed for your Creative & Unique work in this Cut-throat World? Well - fret no more - Here's a Huge exposure to a Global Audience!! So PLEASE Co-operate now in our Initial Stages - and then You Can reap lifelong benefits!! -- Support and help IRF so that IRF can help u!

Participate in ur own success: The series will telecast on Hip Hop in India TV a channel formed on the Youtube platform, a Strategic hub for visual content making the series a TV show of Our Own!!

Are we all ready to Finally take that Giant Step towards making the Indian Underground a Global Beast?? "StreetSkool" is designed to bring within Everybody's reach now - a medium to Creative Fulfillment - NO MORE shall we compromise and be left behind - Your Efforts & Knowledge will now Directly and completely alter the face of Hip Hop in India - and in Indians anywhere on the Planet who wish to be part of it!

India - Are You Ready? Then All u gotta do izz:

-give an introduction of u'rself/krew & da location where u are from.
-make a youtube compliant video(check da file size check da file format it should be in terms with youtube's policy) expressin u'r view on the state of Hip Hop in India.
-you can freestyle, prepare a skit, promote u'r album/event, send out a message, do what u do the show izz all u'rz.
-Send the finished product ready video to hiphopinindia at gmail.com
-U will be notified on the date u'r about to feature on StreetSkool series.
-The series will be hosted on hiphopinindia(dot)blogspot(dot)com and will also be promoted on international forums

The scope of this activity is to fuel the Hip Hop movement in India while artist exposure will be amplified and viewers get an insight to what the country's Hip Hop culture is all about.

Follow us on: www(dot)facebook(Dot)com/hiphopinindia