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Class of1996 VS. 2010 Hip Hop!

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Lets see, "96" Pac, Biggie, Outcast, Eight Ball and MJG, UGK, Bone Thugs, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop, Wu-Tang

2010 Hip Hop, Weezy, Drake, Gucci, Soulja Boy, Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I, Jeezy, some other cats I dont know.... Add to list

When all is done is hip hop better or worse? and why?


  • gak7
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    well if you name the best of 96, how come you didnt name the best for 10 ? thats not..fair?

    you mention the 🤬 rappers.. what about everyone else thats dropping now that destroys your 2010 list..

    Chamillionaire - Venom, major pain releases...

    so on and so on.. thats one..I bet people can name 10 other rappers that will be doing big things that have skill.
  • perspective@100
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    Hence: ADD To List
    🤬 rappers? aint that what cats listening to? Thats whats on the radio... In 96 all these cats was on the radio except maybe Jay and UGK... So fair!
  • supertitan
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    Using the rappers you list or the one's who I think are the best of each era I give 96 a huge edge in overall quality and specifically lyrics
  • sutterkane
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    1996 by miles.......Its not even a race
  • nyhiphopwontdie
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    1996 had so many classic albums

    Nas- It Was Written
    Outkast- ATLiens
    Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt
    2Pac- All Eyes On Me and Don Killuminati
    Ghostface- Ironman
    The Fugees- The Score

    just to name a few
  • jek
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    is this a joke? these days rappers cant even rap Pshh 96 was when all the greats where droppin hot 🤬 .
  • dalyricalbandit
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    One nine nine six
  • degheatza
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    1996 vs 1998 or vs 1992 would be much more a appropriate debate
  • deadprez123
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    It Was written
    All Eyez on me
    7 Day theory
    Reasonable Doubt
    The Coming
    Muddy Waters

    Black Star
    DMX's first 2 cds
    Capital Punishment
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