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The Squandered Soul Of Sorrow

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I wait inside the diner, while my fate becomes undone.
I sit inside this diner, and I wait for her to come
I wait to see her smile, it’s our love that was sublime
Ripped off a piece of napkin just to scribble out this rhyme:

“The years have washed my faded heart, my memory maintain.
The tears have washed the days apart; remember me the same.
Our youth was spent in love together, our life was spent apart.
The truth, I’ve been in love forever, my wife, you were my heart.”

I sit and think inside the booth, while I ponder and I wait,
I sip my drink, inside is juice, my eyes wander at her plate.
The emptiness could match my soul, what took to be the case?
The story of our love untold, look up and see her face…

Our eyes, they meet, as once they would, I’m lost upon her gaze
I try and speak, but there she stood, I’m lost up on a daze.
My heart it beats, it pounds and throbs, she walks her legs to me.
My heart it weeps, a thousand sobs, “Hello,” she says to me.

So much surreal, in pain I was; with plenty fears, embrace.
Her touch, her feel, the same it was, now twenty years erase.
I hold her tight, a perfect fit, our magic hasn’t died,
The one regret that I have had: She hasn’t been my bride.

We sit and chat, we reminisce, our paths are realigned,
We sit and laugh, it’s venomous, our laughs- we hide behind
We talk and joke, our thoughts are spoke, but then she speaks to me,
“Distraught and broke, I sought your hope, my life is bleak from thee.”

“I know that we were meant to be, I used to be your baby,
You told me you would rescue me, you were supposed to save me.
And so I waited patiently, the day it never came
And so my fate is chasin’ me, your face forever blame.”

I can’t believe what I am hearing, shocked, I am in stun,
“I can’t relieve what you are feeling, locked, we were as one.
Until one day you left me and you never came back home
Alone is how you left me, you had left me all alone.”

She replied, “I know I left you, I thought that you would try,
To follow me, your lover, but you left me there to die.
I heard of your successes, for your family, I am proud,
My life is in a mess with stress, and tragedy my shroud.”

“Our love, it had a chance in hell, we’d give it all we had,
And now you have a mansion, well, I’m living in rehab.
I could’ve been the one with you, across the world we went,
Instead I have been shunned by you, we lost our world, it’s spent.”

Her broken soul is breaking mine, our flame is all we share,
Our hopeless souls, escape in time, our pain is all we bear.
“I wish you knew, to what degree, I tried to make it work,
You let me go, and set me free, I died and went berserk.”

I looked at her, she looked at me, a tear fell from her eye,
I wish I could just wipe it off, but fear had held my try.
I waited for an answer, maybe even a reply,
“Complacent with my cancer, I just want to say goodbye.”

“The doctor gave a couple weeks, I had to see you first.
For twenty years I’ve had a speech, life could’ve been reversed.
Imagine us, forever now, remember me until…
If we were still together now, I wouldn’t be so ill.”

We may have lost our chance, but I take her by the hand.
I ask her, “May I have this dance?” Accepts, and then we stand.
I hold her tight, I whisper soft, “Our love will never cease.
I’ll love you for eternity, we need to make our peace.”

My fingertips are on her hips, I’ll hold her ’til the dawn.
A gentle kiss upon her lips, my love is almost gone.
I’ll hold her ’til I can, no matter what tomorrow brings,
Even if we never see again, you’ll hear our sorrow sing.

(c) Ryan Baker 2010.