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Ever Had A 🤬 Try And Force You To Eat Her Out?

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So it's like 4 in the monring, and this 🤬 decides to go to Santa Monica beach... idk if she's on some spontaneous 🤬 or what, but she has mad weed and im tryna get mad high, so im like 🤬 it, Santa monica that ass it is.

At this point, we had kicked it like 3 or 4 times and I never tried to kiss her. It was obvious that she likes me, and there was mad sexual tension.. but I had never made a move because that aint my steez. I much rather kick back and have her pursue me and then reap the rewards of patience... in my experience,

So we get there and she parks, and we're smoking and 🤬 , talking... she must've liked what i was saying because she cuts me off mid-sentence and says, "Kiss me." I'm like, "nah. I'ma kiss you when I feel like kissing you, not when you tell me to kiss you" Judging from her body language, she's getting anxious for 'something' and says, "Well im tired." So she offers to get a hotel.

We in the room and I get straight into my boxers and jump in the bed. At this point, its like 6:00am and im tired as 🤬 , so i'm really just tryna go to bed. So she hops in and does the same. For an hour its just her moving around back and forth keeping a nicca up intill i finally give in and grab her 🤬 .


I'm on top of her sucking 🤬 and 🤬 , and she's slowly pushing my head down... so I slowly start coming back up to her face and proceed to kissing. She then takes the sheet covers so that we're both under the sheets (weird ass 🤬 ) and puts my head back on her 🤬 . THEN, she starts moving her body up so that my face becomes aligned closer and closer to her 🤬 . I try resisting, but this 🤬 has managed to wiggle her way to the point where her top half is out from under the sheets while my head and her lower half are under the sheets.

I start resisting, thinking that she's just fooling around, but the force and pressure she's using to keep my head down was wonder women 🤬 ... AT THIS POINT I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS 🤬 , AND I AM LITERALLY WRESTING MY WAY OUT FROM UNDER THE SHEETS, USING ALL MY STRENGTH TO PUSH MYSELF UP AND OUT OF HER CONFINEMENT!!! I was genuinely getting pooned.

I finally break out and yell at her "I DONT PLAY THAT 🤬 !!!!" and jump back in the bed, turn to my side so that my back is facing her and ignore her.

a couple minutes pass and she says, "What are you talking about, what did I do?"

lmao, after several minutes tryna act dumb like she didn't know what i was talking about, this 🤬 knew she was caught and I guess as to compensate for it, decided to start sucking my 🤬 .

From that day on, I never had her try any 🤬 like that even remotely close..

so, what about you niccas, anyone ever been a victim of a 🤬 tryna force you to eat some 🤬 ? And did you hold your grown or give in?